Hannah has extensive experience in speaking about autism and mental health, and has been invited to give many talks and sessions on her own experiences and research. If you are interested in having Hannah speak at your event or institute, please contact here.


Hannah has taught at various levels (from school age to undergraduate level) over the last five years, gaining a Postgraduate Certificate in higher education. She has experience delivering engaging and activity led sessions on numerous topics relation to psychology, autism, and mental health. If you are interested in having Hannah deliver autism awareness training for your staff, or having more tailored specific training around your organisations’ needs, then please contact here.


Whilst Hannah is unable to provide autism assessments or therapeutic sessions, she is available as an expert ‘ear’ to discuss any concerns you may have. She is able to help you plan your own, or a relatives, care and support, and guide you in the right direction. Please contact here for further information.

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